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Province of Trapani

“Dear visitor, 

travelling across the Trapani province means to know an unmatched area of incomparable beauty where you can find everything : landscapes set in a beautiful and unspoiled nature , beautiful and ancient monuments, a long history full of culture that tells myths and legends of all time and age . A district certainly to be discovered also at the table , with a delicious and unique gastronomy, seasoned with the flavors of land and sea, enriched by the wise ancient customs of Mediterranean peoples, succeeded in Sicily. A real triumph of taste surely not to be missed , accompanied by fine wines and many local products, unique in the world . Trapani area is rich of cities distinguished by many different architectural styles, with 24 municipalities characterized by beautiful historic centers , nature reserves , suspended between sea, sky and mountains , archaeological sites, charming medieval villages that overlook beautiful landscapes with unique and intense colors, dream islands surrounded by a turquoise sea with depths that hold priceless environmental treasures. All this and much more is the province of Trapani , capable of giving sunny days and mild temperatures for nearly nine months of the year.

Enjoy yourself in our Province !”


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