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Santa Ninfa

Situated inland in the western part of Sicily, between the Modione and Belice rivers that flow into the sea a little further on at Selinunte, Santa Ninfa had suffered considerable damage in the earthquake of 1968. However, its inhabitants reacted to the tragedy with courage, implementing several industrial programmes, including that of the production and marketing of local products, such high-quality meat from local farms, and revitalising the traditional textile artisanship that focuses above all on the production of lace, embroideries and fabric. The local existence of a complex system of tunnels and mazes of great speleological and naturalistic interest permitted the Santa Ninfa grotto to be established as a Site of Special Scientific Interest in 1996, placing under protection a wonderful geo-morphological inheritance. Nearby you can find the enchanting archaeological site of Monte Finestrelle, with many cave-like tombs. The creation of the town dates back to 1605 at the behest of Don Luigi Arias Giardina, feudal lord of the Rampinzeri castle. It carries the name of the saint from Palermo to whom Giardina was particularly devoted, and today she is still the patron of the town. The town’s coat of arms and banner show her effigy. During the night of 12 May 1860, on the eve of the great venture for the unification of Italy, two noblewomen created the first Sicilian tricolour flag and gave it to Garibaldi before the battle of Calatafimi.


Local government offices 1, Piazza Libertà, 91029 Santa Ninfa

Telephone switchboard: 0924 992240

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Local police: 0924 992203


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