Last Date: 26/07/2014

Place: Gibellina  |  City: Gibellina, Italia

The 33rd edition of “Orestiadi” in Gibellina carries on its research on the contemporary scene in Italy. Orestiadi is the oldest theatre festival of Sicily and among the oldest ones in Italy.

This edition of the festival keeps its focus on the myth and on how it is still crucial in man’s life, as conceived by Senator Ludovico Corrao who founded “Orestiadi” in 1983.

The festival opens on 18th June at 8 p.m. with Arte Clandestina, a performance by Francesco Impellizzeri and Mikele Abramo at the Museo delle Trame del Mediterraneo. This performance is a dialogue through art that makes an accusation against the present state of  government and its bad administration of arts and culture, using the irony of music and songs.

The rest of this 33rd edition of the festival is totally dedicated to Homer’s Odyssey, the fundamental poem of classic western culture, a poem that has been read, performed, translated and re-written all over the world, an inestimable source of inspiration for uncountable metaphors on travelling.

The festival is happy to host the project from Sergio Maifredi “Odissea un racconto mediterraneo”, performed by some of the most well-known Italian actors. The first show is Ulysses and the contest of the bow by Moni Ovadia on 18th June, followed by Giuseppe Cederna with Ulysses and the Phaeacians on the 19th. The next weekendGioele Dixwill perform Telemakhos travel on the 25th June, and Maddalena Crippa Penelope on the 26th.

Vincenzo Pirrotta,  author, director and one of the most significant story-tellers in Italy, takes part of the festival with the première of The departure and Scylla and Charybdis, both on the 23rd July, based on a new translation of the Odyssey by Daniele Ventre. 


The artistic director

Claudio Collovà

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