Buseto Palizzolo


Date: 27/04/2014

Place: Piazza Battaglia  |  City: Buseto Palizzolo, Italia

Times: 09:00 departure – 15:30 prize-giving
Location: Start/Finish in Piazza Battaglia. The race follows a route through the town’s streets and into the neighbouring districts.

A cycling race organised by the ASD Team Lombardo with a Tourist route, a Middle-distance route and a Long-distance route.

Buseto Palizzolo Town Council – 1, Via Trapani - Tel. 0923/852200 - Fax 0923/851088
- ASD Lombardo Team: 3 – Tel. 0923/851181
- The Buseto Palizzolo Pro Loco Association – 28, Via Palermo – Tel./Fax 0923/855184 Mob. 339 5005528  -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Entry cost: Free

Public transport connections: Autolinee AST – Russo Autoservizi


Via Battaglia, Buseto Palizzolo TP, Italia