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Marsala stands on the extreme western tip of the land of legends, Sicily. Its name is linked to marsala wine and to the history of our Republic, when – on 11th May 1860 – Garibaldi started his march towards the unification of Italy. A stroll along the main shopping street (the cassaro) or a walk outside the city gates, will give you an idea of the resources and beauty of Marsala, the fifth largest city in Sicily with 85,000 inhabitants. So, you will discover a mediterranean city, divided between land and sea; indeed, both are interwoven with its history until wine became a dominant figure. The Phenicians settled on the nearby island of Mozia, which was destroyed in 397 B.C. The survivors founded Lilybaeum, which then passed under Roman rule. Arab pirates (VIII Century) renamed the town Marsa Allah, from which it takes its present name. Then, came the Normans, the Swabians, the Angevins, who turned Marsala into a flourishing wheat-growing area. The decline of seafaring activities began with the arrival of the Spanish who closed the Port. The sea became important once again when the Englishman John Woodhouse started exporting wine to Liverpool in 1773. This was the birth of marsala wine. So, both sea and land joined together to the advantage of the economy of the town, which soon attracted other merchants. First the English; then the Florio. In 1860 Marsala became part of Italian history, when Garibaldi and the Thousand landed in

Marsala. The rest is the recent history of a town which wants to cut out its rightful role in the Mediterranean; a role with its own identify, between ancient and modern.





Local government offices: Via Garibaldi, 91025 Marsala (TP)

Telephone switchboard: +39 0923993111

Certified email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Local police: tel. 0923723303



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