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Castelvetrano has an interesting historic centre, and it is very pleasant to stroll between the exquisite churches, noble buildings (including the Palazzo Pignatelli) and the network of squares. The Public Museum is definitely worth a visit, as it houses the precious bronze statue of Ephebe of Selinunte, which was an important nearby Greek colony and the location of encounters and confrontations between the Greeks and the Phoenicians. Here the vestiges of antiquity (temples, acropolis and shrines) merge with the surrounding countryside in the unique backdrop of the biggest archaeological park in the Mediterranean. Castelvetrano is also an unmissable food and wine stopping point: it produces a specialty ‘black bread’ and the Nocellara del Belice olives, which are a particular variety that are juicy and slightly acidic, thrive there. And not to be forgotten are the other three nearby pearls: the neighbouring Site of Special Scientific Interest, the sandy Foce del Belice e Dune; the delightful little Norman church of the Trinity of Delia; and the archaeological and naturalistic Stone Castle complex. The most ancient historiography ascribed the foundation of Castelvetrano to the veterans of Selinunte, who had a fortress there. However, more recent and reliable theories see it as having arisen following the social transformation during the Norman times, a process that made the farmers pour into the small villages.


Local government offices n.5, 1 Piazza Umberto, 91022 Castelvetrano (TP)

Telephone switchboard: 0924 909001 / 111

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Local police: 0924 909500 



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